Is it possible you’ve forgotten how to have fun…

or lost track of the people who bring you joy? What if you simply don’t know how, or with whom, to experience contentment or delight in life’s little things and its big adventures?

You need a Happiness Buddy.

Not a dating service, an escort, or a babysitter, Lyn-Dee Eldridge is the Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness Jungle. A trauma to triumph survivor, entrepreneur, successful businessperson, coach, author, and in-demand motivational speaker, Lyn-Dee helps individuals, couples, families, and corporations who have lost their way in the pursuit of happiness.

How each person engages with Lyn-Dee varies. Some people share lunch with her at their favorite spot. Others seek her as a partner when they skydive, travel, get a tattoo, rollerblade, ride a mule to the bottom of Grand Canyon, attend a ballet, or shop for a bridal gown. What you do, is up to you.
So go a little bananas with Lyn-Dee.



As long as it’s legal, platonic, and ethical (no monkeying around in the Happiness Jungle), Lyn-Dee is there to share the moment and enhance
your fun.


In the Happiness Jungle, we understand that sometimes “toucan” do it better than one can. Let Lyn-Dee be the bridge, buffer, or buddy your relationship needs.


Even the best families can turn a little beastly from time to time. Watch joy and harmony return to your life when Lyn-Dee hangs out with your tribe.


If business is a little tense in your corporate jungle, talk to Lyn-Dee. She’ll tame the inner-office conflict and send your sales and service soaring.

Spiritual Happiness

If you are missing something spiritually, not religiously, maybe you just found G-d in a different way!

Senior Happiness

Lyn-Dee delivers an unforgettable experience inspiring, energizing, and uplifting seniors mind and spirits, rejuvenating and returning them to joy & Happiness.

*note from Lyn-Dee* I am so blessed to be invited to many different denominational houses of G-d to share the spiritual being of true happiness! My presents is a co-existing share for all to gravitate towards unity. I invite everyone who wants to attend and to truly co-exist with no conversions and no tags of any denominations.
❤️ I was lost until I found myself in the glory of co-existing.

Turn that frown upside down

a world of happiness is just around the corner.

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If you’re looking for a high energy speaker who can deliver a message that matters—your search is over. Our production increased which created a happier, more positive, excited, contagious-fun environment!.
Jason Tremblay, CEO & Entrepreneur